Apple Brandy / Cider Blend

Apple Brandy / Cider Blend


The foundation for our delicious Pommeau is our aged Shady Knoll Apple Brandy, which is truly unique since it combines over 120 varieties of European and American apples grown with loving care in our own orchard (see “Products-Apple Brandy” for a description of how our Apple Brandy is made).

We combine our aged Apple Brandy with fresh apple juice from our orchard and then rest the combination in our used Shady Knoll Apple Brandy barrels for at least three months to create a wonderful aperitif drink known in France as Pommeau.

Our Shady Knoll Pommeau has won the following award:
American Distilling Institute (ADI) 2019 Judging of Craft Spirits–Silver

Pommeau is wonderful straight or chilled, or enjoy it in this wonderful cocktail we call “Pomme Royale”:

  • 2/3 Shady Knoll Pommeau
  • 1/3 Prosecco/Champagne
  • 2 drops of Grenadine
  • Shake with ice, strain and serve straight-up in martini glass

New York Grown & Certified

Shady Knoll is proud to be only one of a few distilleries in New York State that grows its ingredients on its farm and is certified as “New York Grown & Certified”